Elsie Gridley Mitigation Bank


The Elsie Gridley Mitigation Bank has been established as a mitigation bank for the purpose of providing offsite mitigation opportunities for vernal pool grassland and riparian habitats as well as a number of associated rare, threatened and endangered species. The Bank Enabling Instrument (BEI) permits the sale of wetland "credits" as mitigation for wetland impacts in the service area and preservation credits on the Bank site. The Mitigation Bank Review Team (MBRT) members formally approved the BEI on March 8, 2006.

The preserve covers approximately 1,837 acres and is located in eastern Solano County, south of the City of Dixon and adjacent to the Solano Land Trust's Jepson Prairie Preserve. It is bounded on the north by Brown Road, on the west by State Route (SR) 113 and some open range land west of SR 113, on the south by SR 113 and open range land, and on the east by Salem Road and agricultural land.