Alkali Playa Pools

Alkali playa pools occur throughout the central portion of the property and are mostly associated with the Pescadero clays and the Solano-Pescadero complex soils. The playa pools differ from vernal pools by their larger size and depth and their ability to hold water longer in the year. The playa pools also tend to have more turbid water. These playa pools are mostly uniformly flat and support species typical of Sacramento Valley vernal pools as well as species more unique to these soil types. Species found in these areas include delta woolly-marbles, coyote thistle, stipitate popcornflower, saltgrass (Distichlis spicata), blennosperma (Blennosperma sp.), and goldfields. Species unique to playa pools and the associated alkali grasslands on the site include alkali heath (Frankenia salina) and alkali milkvetch.

Species associated with the alkali playa pools include those species in Group 1 that are associated with vernal pools as well as several species that are typically more restricted to pools with the longer hydro-periods or wetted cycle and turbid water. Applicable species include Group 1 species plus three additional species:

Group 2 Only Species

  • Conservancy fairy shrimp
  • Bogg's Lake hedge hyssop
  • California tiger salamander (breeding)

Group 1 Species

  • Vernal pool fairy shrimp
  • Vernal pool tadpole shrimp
  • Baker's navarretia
  • Dwarf downingia